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Witch (ish)!! All those thing loosely related to the Witches

This last section covers the last few characters loosely associated with the witches and the buildings and artifacts associated apwith the witches. To keep it neat I will tackle the characters first, in number order and then the buildings and artifacts in number order.


Casanunda - DW62

Casanunda is drawn to Nanny Ogg, possibly as they are quite similar. Most dwarves are not romantic but Casanunda is a ladies man.

He was sculpted by Joe Pattison and introduced in February 1996. He was retired in February 2002. His RRP throughout was £27.50. 874 were sold. He has reached around £60.

The quote is from Witches Abroad "My name's Casanunda, he said. I'm reputed to be the world's greatest lover. What do you think?"


Scraps - DW103

Scraps is a little dog who was 'put together' by the de Magpyr Igor. He appears in Carpe Jugulum hence his inclusion here. He has 2 tails so should be a very happy little chap. He is a friendly little beast and loves to slobber.

He was introduced in 1998. I dont know how many were sold as he was available until closure.

Hodgesaargh - DW107

Hodgesaargh is the falconer at Lancre Castle. His name is actually Hodges but is often attacked by his birds whilst speaking to people and hence the misunderstanding arose!

This is another figurine which is physically based on a real life person (the Patrician is unmistakably Stephen Briggs). This piece is based on Dave Hodges who was a regular at the Discworld Events.

This piece was sculpted by Joe Pattison and introduced in August 1999. It retired in February 2002 and the RRP throughout was £24.95. It was only released for a short time but still sold 850 pieces.


Shawn Ogg - DW136

Shawn is Nanny Oggs youngest son. He works at Lancre Castle as a guard but he does practically everything else too! He empties privies, delivers mail and hels out the other staff. He has military aspirations and invented the Lancre Army Knife. The figurine shows him with various implements relating to his work inlcuding his mailbag and privy bucket!

He was sculpted by Joe Pattison and was available until closure. He was a relatively expensive piece, around £60 if I recall correctly. They do come up on ebay though. The shovel is detachable so in the future there may be an issue with these getting lost or broken.

The quote is from Carpe Jugulum

"Lancre's standing army was lurking by a pillar, probably in the hope that no one would see him in his footman's powdered wig, which had been made for a much bigger footman."

Pewsey Ogg - DW137

Pewsey is Nanny Oggs grandson and the stickiest child in the world! The figure shows him in a vest. I do not have this piece and I don't know much about it. Sadly, it never appealed to me.

Igor - DW140

Igors have become a staple of the series. Initially a servant to a modern family of vampires it later becomes clear that an Igor is part of a clan. This also includes Igorinas who are usually very beautiful. Igors now perform a medical role for the City Watch and there is also an Igor at the Royal Mint! The Igor modelled by Clarecraft is based on the original Igor.

This was sculpted by Mark Ayling and shows his distinctive style.


Tiffany Aching - DW160

Tiffany appears in a series of four books. The Wee Free Men, A Hatful of Sky, Wintersmith and I Shall Wear Midnight. These are classed as Young Adult books but I have read them and enjoyed them. When we first meet her she is 9 years old and by the last book she is almost 16. In the first book she uses a frying pan to fight off a monster after her small brother Wentworth and this is the pose she appears in here. I picked up my Tiffany from a fellow collector at the last Discworld Event. There is a set of in scale Feegles that go with her but I do not have any of these. My one features a resin frying pan but as with other pieces it is possible that later on they had pewter frying pans.



Buildings and Artifacts

Potion Bottles

The first artifacts are 'Witchish' but only one of the set is related to the Lancre Witches we know and love. They are a set of 3 potion bottles. All of these bottles were sculpted by Bernard and were introduced in February 1991 with an RRP of £5.05. They were retired in November 1998 with an RRP of £6.50. They have all reached in the region of £30 since. They often come up without boxes or tent cards so I would suggest that the more expensive ones are intact with box. They come up fairly often and I would expect to pay £10-£15 on them.

I only have the Granny Weatherwax one. They are another thing I never seem to get round to getting! I have put a picture of DW20 on. The others, in comparison are taller and thinner and have a modelled cork in the top. They are nice looking little pieces. There are no variations on these pieces. They were available in petwer and bronze finishes but there are no recorded sales in either of these finishes. This is presumably because the painted ones were cheap enough to be achievable.

These were introduced along with DW21, The Tankard from the Mended Drum at Terrys request as he wanted something a bit lower in price to ensure that all his fans had a chance of owning something.

Malefico's Inheritance Accelerator - DW18

This is a wizard preparation rather than a witchy one but I decided to keepthe three together.

'A dead certainty for those who wate, but one drop and they do also'

Hilta Goatfounders Diabolica for Men - DW19

Hilta Goatfounder is the village witch for Ohulan Cutash. With her 'Pennyroyal Preventatives' she provides a valuable service to her village!

'To grow again the Hair rub in. To induce the parts to perform rub on'

Granny Weatherwax's "Ramtop Invigoratore and Passion Philtre" - DW20

Granny goes in for a lot of 'headology' and to me this bottle looks very 'myffic'. The other two are quite plain bottles whereas this one has dribbly wax at the top and instructions on the sides etc. I think this owes a lot Grannys character and is another example of Clarecraft understanding the characters. It would be just like Granny to offer a placebo knowing that as long as she puts it in a mystical enough bottle it is likely to work. This bottle probably contains sugar water!

The legend on the tent card is "Onne Spoonful onlie before bed and that smalle"



Granny Weatherwax's Cottage - DW46 & DW46W

This is a flat back piece rather than the more usual 3D ones. It shows Grannys Cottage complete with privy and windsock. Three similar pieces were released together, the other two are the Mended Drum and the Bridge over the Ankh. I will cover the other two in the City section.

This piece was available in a painted finish and a wooden finish. The painted finish was available until closure so I have no figures for that. The wooden finish was retired because again people preferred to go for the more expensive painted item.

This was sculpted by Bernard and introduced in February 1995. The wooden finish was retired in February 2002 and a total of 176 had been sold. The RRP was £19.95 throughout its availability. I've mislaid my catalogues so I need to guess at the RRP for the painted. I think it would be somewhere in the region of £39.95.

I have a painted version so have attached a piccie. It is a pretty piece, lots of lovely detail. Mine sits on a shelf against a wall. It is one of the few pieces out on display, mainly because it's a little bit harder to knock over!

The quote is from Wyrd Sisters - "Most witches preferred to live in isolated cottages with the traditional curly chimneys and weed-grown thatch. Granny Weatherwax approved of this: it was no good being a witch unless you let people know."

Nannys Sexual Object - DW56

This is another piece that was a lower price point and easier to afford. It is a vaguely female shaped form on a black cord. It is a nice tactile piece amd I distinctly remember getting mine. The only stockist near me was a jewellery shop in the local shopping centre. I remember going in after work one day and just going a bit mad and buying about 5 pieces. It must have been a really bad day at work. I remember getting this and You Bastard but I'm not sure which others I got. It was the only time I ever went and recklessly bought what I wanted. It was a lot of fun :-).

I don't have the tent card for this piece which is unusual as I bought it from a shop. It is possible though that it has been mislaid or is still even in the box. I wasn't always as careful with them as I should have been.

This piece was still available at closure so I have no numbers sold.


Mrs Gogols House - DW67

Mrs Gogol is a witch they encounter in Witches Abroad. She has what seems to be creole or haitian leanings. The cottage is a small cobbled together looking thing. What isn't mentioned in the tent card quote is that the cottage can get up and walk on a pair of duck feet. The Clarecraft version shows the duck feet. It's a nice little piece. I do have one but I'm not sure where it is.

The quote is from Witches Abroad - "Mrs Gogol's house itself looked a simple affair of driftwood from the river, roofed with moss and built out over the swamp itself on four stout poles."


Lancre Stamp - DW89

This is a really nice affordable little piece. It was modelled on an actual potato. Elton went through a whole sack until he found one that was just right. It fits into the hand really nicely. It has a rubber stamp on the bottom featuring a duck and is very rustic :-).

This was still available at closure so I have no numbers sold.

The quote is from Carpe Jugulum

"'whatt'th thith?' Igor demanded.


'Thith....thtupid mark!'

'Well, the potato wasn't big enough for the official seal and I don't know what a seal looks like in any case but I reckon dat's a good carvin' of a duck I done there..' said the troll cheerfully.





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