Wednesday 11 May 2011

Renewal Shields

Apologies for the delay in getting this entry posted but my shields are hung on the wall and being a bit on the short side Ive had a bit of a job getting them down to photograph them!!!

DW94C - The Assassins Guild Coat of Arms
This was introduced in 1994 and 696 were sold. The RRP was £9.99. For some time the Shields were extremely popular and consequently sold for high prices, the top price for this one was £260 however more recently it has sold for £40-£70. The motto is ‘Nil Mortifi, Sine Lucre’. ‘No Death, Without Payment’. This is one of my favourite shields, I love the black and silver scheme and the cloak and dagger emblem,

DW95C - The Beggars Guild COA
This was made in 1995 and 505 were sold. The RRP was £11.00 and top price recorded is £64. The mottoe is ‘Moneta Supervacanea, Magister’ or ‘Have You Any Spare Cash Guvnor’. The shield features dragons which may at first seem odd but this it he beggars guild after all, this is simply a patched up, recycled shield.

DW96C - The Alchemists Guild COA
Produced in 1996, 789 were sold. The RRP was £11.00 and it has sold for around £50. The motto is ‘Omnis Quis Coruscat Est Or’ or ‘All That Glitters is Gold’. The Guildhouse is regularly blown up so is always new (the Gamblers Guild is situated opposite, a precarious position which people have questioned. When questioned however the Gamblers simply reply ‘Did you read the name above the door when you came in’, Good point!!)

DW97C - The Thieves Guild COA
Produced in 1997 818 of these were sold with an RRP of £13.45 and a top price of £50. It has a stripy background with a cut purse. The motto ‘Acutus Id Verberat’ means ‘Whip it Quick’.

DW98C - The Seamstresses’ Guild COA
Produced in 1998, 1215 of these were produced. there is a typo in the Collectors Guide suggesting that 215 of these were made but logically this doesn't make sense. An RRP of £14.99 may have put some people off. It has sold for in excess of £100 but more usually makes around £30. The Seamstress motto mimics the Assassins Guild Motto. ‘Nil Volupti Sine Lucre’ or ‘No ‘Love’ Without Money’. Although they are referred to as Seamstresses the ladies of the Guild are not noted for their talent with thread. A survey of the AM docks revealed 987 women who gave their profession as ‘seamstress’, and 2 needles!!

DW99C - The Fools Guild COA
1999 brought the Fools Guild and the first year that the Shields were sent free of charge to renewing member of the guild. 1443 of these were produced and the top price has reached £80. This is a very simple piece which works well as a shield. The motto is ‘Dico Dico Dico’, what else but ‘I Say I Say I Say‘!! The Guild is a cheerless place which contrasts sharply with the bright and cheery Assassins Guild building next door.

DW00C - The Musicians Guild COA
Produced in 2000, 1854 were made and have reached a top price of £28. The motto is ‘Id Murmuratis, Id Ludamus’ or ‘If You Hum it, I’ll Play It’. This Guild is very mercenary and its main interest lies in collecting high fees from its members.

DW01C - The Unseen University COA
In 2001, 2038 of these were produced. Top price has stayed relatively low, around £20. The motto is ‘Nunc Id Vides, Nunc Ne Vides’, ‘Now You See It, Now You Don’t’.

DW02C - The Plumbers and Dunnikin Divers Guild COA
1600 of these were made in 2002. Top prices again have remained around the £20 mark. The motto is ‘Non Ante Septem Dies Proxima’ or ‘Not Before Next Week, Squire’.

DW03C - The Conjurors Guild COA
There are no numbers available for this or subsequent Shields due to the closure of Clarecraft. Motto is ‘Nvunc Ille Est Magicus’, ‘Now That’s Magic’.

DW04C - The Embalmers Guild COA
Another simple image which lends itself well to the shields. The motto is ‘Farcimini’ or ‘Stuff It’.

DWO5C - The Ramkin COA
This COA was the last renewal gift produced before Clarecraft closed. Clarecraft announced its closure is August 2005. This meant that some members did not receive their renewal shield. Again numbers produced are unknown but it became a sought after piece for people looking to complete their collection of shields and briefly sold for high prices. Motto ‘Non Sumet Nullus Pro Responso’ or ‘She Won’t Take No For an Answer’.

In addition to the shield of the Gamblers Guild there were 2 further shields produced that were not renewal gifts but were for sale. The first of these was for sale only for collectors and was in fact the COA of the Collectors Guild. DWCG02. In 1999 it was decided that the Guild needed a shield and a competition was held for members to design it. Terry judged to contest and 2 collectors separately came up with similar ideas so these were combined to produce ‘The Ultimate Collector’ (’Collictor Ultima‘). For posterity the 2 members were Ian Treasure and Graham Bate. The RRP was £14.99 and there are no numbers sold. This has reached slightly higher prices than some of the others.

The final COA (didn’t realise there were so many before I started!!!, this piece has turned into a bit of an epic!) is the CMOT Dibbler Shield.
This shows a cut throat razor and there is no motto as such, just the legend ‘Dibbler Enterprises Est’. This has recently reached £200, probably due to the fact that these were available on general sale only so numbers would be low.

Whoo!!! Obviously there are some pictures missing, shields I dont have. I dont feel its right for me to trawl the web for pictures that other people have taken of their pieces so if I dont have it, there wont be a piccie of it. If anyone wants to send me a piccie of shields Ive missed for inclusion just get in touch.