Sunday 15 March 2015

The End

Well, as everyone will be aware, Terry passed away this week.  Even though we all knew in the abstract that this day would come, facing it has still been a bit of a shock. 

This is not the end of this blog, I have many more items I want to cover.  I have spent 2 years trying to do this blog on an Ipad which frankly is no fun at all.  However, I am now the proud owner of a laptop so hopefully I can start back up again (in between caring for my toddler, going to work, going to the gym and all the other hobbies and interests I have!!).  I want this blog to carry on though, I enjoy writing it and I enjoy the opportunity to talk about Discworld.  It gives me an excuse to 'play' with my collection which sadly, spends so much time boxed up and shut away.  It allows me to 'live' in the Discworld realm. 

I shed tears when Clarecraft closed, I shed tears when Terry announced his embuggerance and I shed tears when I heard he was gone.  There are many Terry quotes that were appropriate and I know if you have found yourself here that you know them all already. Suffice to say that Terry lives on in blogs, facebook groups, forums and in the collections of people like me, and you. His ripples go on.

Goodnight Sir Terry, Rest in Peace