Tuesday 6 August 2019

A lot has happened in the 4 years since I last updated this blog! Lots of things in general and lots of things related to Discworld.  When I first began this blog it was because I felt there was a lack of easily accessible information on the web about Clarecraft and their pieces.  Thankfully with the growth of Facebook groups this has changed. The Discworld Collectors Guild page on Facebook is a good source of information and a good place to buy and sell items.  The Collectors Guild Archive has a wealth of information about the huge range of merchandise available.

I have pretty much stopped buying pieces, although I did invest in a Miss Level recently.  She is amazing and I will put pics up at a later date. I have even sold several pieces, my Dragons, Chess Set and Death on a Motorcycle.  I have a distinct lack of space to display pieces and so decided to reduce my collection to pieces that I love and that I can display. I have a long way to go however.  After selling these pieces I put the money back into more Discworld stuff, proving that I haven’t lost the bug. I have developed a taste for the Paul Kidby Limited Edition books.  I will of course write about these and put pics up. I am currently waiting for a Limited Edition Good Omens. Not the Celestial Edition of 24, priced at £6,666. I didn’t sell that many pieces!!

Even though I haven’t updated the blog in so long I have still had people sending me emails and enquiries and I answer every one. I really like hearing from other collectors and answering questions.

I’m hoping to make posts about the Limited Edition Kidbys and the Unreal Estate by Bernard Pearson.  I do still intend to cover the Clarecraft pieces I’ve missed but I need to remind myself what I’ve covered.  As ever, most of my collection is boxed up somewhere so each blog post involves a lot of time grubbing about in the attic trying to avoid the spiders. 8 years since I started this blog, 8 years in which so much has changed and it appears the only thing that hasn't changed is my inability to display my collection!!! Oh, and I still haven't had 'Shins' repaired! (See Bitten by the Pratchett Bug entry).