Wednesday 29 May 2013

Badges 2010

In February 2010 the Seamstress Guild shield was released. This has a pewter coloured scroll with the famous motto on it. It has black enamel with a deep red enamel outlining the shape of a heart, it has a red enamel and gold coloured lantern with silver needles and gold detailing. This came in a velveteen box with a cardboard sleeve with a sticker showing a picture of the shield. It has the PJSM logo imprinted on the back which is a nice touch. The number is DW AMC 04.


In March 2010 the Thieves Guild shield was released. This and the other shields were all a similar size, a bit bigger than the one inch originals. This one came in a larger velveteen box with Sgt Brailles Pin Emporium printed in gold on cardboard in the lid. This came in a proper cardboard box, rather than a sleeve with a large sticker on the front with a picture, the description and the logo. The boxes were becoming even more extravagant. Although this undoubtedly makes the pieces feel like they have more value it also inevitably pushed up costs. This one features black and white stripey enamel with a gold coloured cut purse with coins falling out. It has a pewter effect scroll with the motto on at the bottom. The simplicity and colours in this piece make it very effective. The number is DW AMC 05.



In April 2010 the Fools Guild Shield was released. This one is exactly the same format as the Thieves Guild one. This includes the box and sleeve. This one is just the top part of the previous Fools Guild badge. It has black, white and blue enamel with polished gold bells. The red part at the top is enamel rather than a jewel with this one. The motto is again on a pewter scroll round the bottom. This one is nice enough but a bit plain. The previous one was nicer. The number is DW AMC 06.


In May 2010 the final Glorious Revolution pin was produced. This box is the same as the Fools Guild one rather than being in a bag. This badge is quite large. It has blue and red enamelled lanterns, green leaves and lilac enamel around a central City Watch badge with Keels number on it. DW PRTR 03.



In June 2010 The Last Hero pin was issued. This is the only one to be presented in a small black drawstring pouch. it has a gold coloured Great A'tuin with a dagger through it with 'The Last Hero' written on it. This one isn't one of my favourites but it is probably the one I would be most likely to wear as it is quite striking. The number is DW LASTHERO 01.


In July 2010 The Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons pin was released. This one came in a velveteen box with white fabric in the lid with the logo printed in gold. It also came in a cardboard box with a small sticker on. I must admit to really loving this one. It is again in 2 parts. It has a beautifully made and detailed portrait of a swamp dragon (draco vulgaris), presumably Errol, he even has a little collar with a tag round his neck. This portrait is in a silver metal and is on an octagon shaped background with a coppery colour border with Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons printed on it in black. The octagon is filled with orange and white enamel with the motto 'Don't let my flame go out' and a small plaque on the bottom with R Devant Molei Proprieter. The number is DW SSSD.



In July 2010 the Discworld Cup pin was released. this was a kind of bonus one, I think to tie in with the football world cup. It has 2 pins on the back because it is quite a tall pin. it has a green enamel base holding a trophy with the Discworld on top. this came in the same box as the Sunshine Sanctuary one although the backing of this one has a little stand that can be folded out. The number of this is DWC.


In November 2010 the Guild of Alchemists pin was released. This was in a velveteen box in a cardboard box but there is no sticker, it just has the number written on in biro. This one is again quite plain but has lovely deep red and blue enamel on it. It has the motto on a scroll on the bottom again. The number is DW AMC 07.



After a lull the City Watch 1.5" pin was released in March 2011. This is just the same badge as the original, only bigger (the first one was 1"). I prefer the smaller one for some reason. It is quite similar to the ones that CMOT Briggs used to sell that are now available through PJSM. The CMOT ones have a normal badge backing rather than a pin so it is easy to tell the difference. It has the same box as the Alchemists Guild pin. I always felt that a bigger version was slightly unnecessary but it is more in scale with the later pieces than the 1" version was.

In July 2011 the Guild of Assassins 1.5” pin was released. This again is the same pin as the original, just bigger. This has the same box as the City Watch badge but the insert is white, not black. I have photographed it on a black backing as I think it looks better. I nave also taken a photograph of the 1" pin and the 1.5" pin together to show the difference in size. There are no numbers on either the larger City Watch or Assassin badge.



There were also 2 keyrings produced. I'm not exactly sure about the release date on these but I seem to think they were released around the same time as the Discworld Cup pin. These were priced a bit lower at about £10 but more achievable. Unfortunately they were both released together along with a couple of pins so I remember having quite a struggle to be able to get these. They were on general release so anyone could buy them, but you could get your collectors number put on them which clearly, I did. The keyrings were basic leather fobs with a metal circle on them. One featured the Mission Patch which is exactly the same as the pin and the other featured a scene of the god Blind Io. This one is in gold and black and has a very ancient greek feel. I wish I could use these are they are both very nice. They are still available on PJSM now and I'm tempted to get the Mission Patch one for my husband as he really likes that one. The Mission patch one is photographed out of the bag but still has the protective plastic on.


There is still a backlog of pins available from PJSM. The early ones have sold out but some of the later ones are still available. No more have been produced, probably because of the backlog, which is a real shame as on the whole these are beautifully made, quality items. I was lucky enough to be able to keep up the collection but I can imagine that some people were unable to keep up. Especially as the series went on and they got larger and more elaborately packaged obviously costs went up. Some people may have preferred no outer boxes (all my cardboard ones seem to be a bit battered) or even the original small clear plastic boxes or bags to keep costs down. Some of the pins are spectacularly detailed so the high costs were clear but with some of the more plain ones it seemed that it was mainly the packaging pushing costs up. I would have been happy with more basic packaging especially if it meant they could have continued to produce them as I do think these are lovely pieces and would love to have more.



Badges 2009

In January 2009 came the Guild of Assassins Shield, distinct from the original crest this shows the shield of the guild. This has the cloak and dagger with nice gold detailing on the dagger on a deep red enamel background. The double cross is picked out in gold on a black background. The diagonal stripe is a lovely deep shade of purple. The number is DW AMC 02 01. This one is in a velveteen box but rather than being pinned to a card insert there is a moulded plastic back that the pin sits in. This is the only one that sits in its backing like this.


In February 2009 the Mission Patch was released. This is a favourite of my husbands. It is highly detailed and shows a little rocket orbiting Great A'tuin with tiny stars on a dark sky. This pin is quite small and is in scale with the originals again and presented in a plastic box. DW GA 01 01. Motto Morituri Nolumus Mori (we who are about to die, don't want to). This one was also produced as a keyring and I really wanted to present one to my husband, unfortunately it is engraved with my collectors number so is part of my collection so obviously cannot be allowed to leave the house!!



In March 2009 came the Vetinari Coat of Arms. Again this one is gorgeous. The number is DW RCH 01. This was in a velveteen box but also featured a cardboard sleeve with a small plain rectangular sticker with the code and number on. This is an edition of 200. I love this one. Its another one where they use the technique of putting two separate pieces on top of each other. There isa gold coloured back piece with white and purple enamel detailing. Then there is a silver coloured top piece with a central portion of black enamel. Vetinaris shield is black on black. There is a small purple jewel in the top of the dagger at the top. The dagger indicates that Vetinari was an assassin. This is a heavy piece. The motto is Si Non Confectus Non Recifiat (if it ain't broke, don't fix it).



In April 2009 came the Fools Guild Crest. However this one is not simply the shield. It is again in two parts. The shield is one part on top of a silver and rose gold coloured base of 2 dogs dressed as clowns. The dogs have gold detailing and little red gems on the hats. There is a large red gem in the top of shield which is enamelled in black, blue and white with polished gold bells. This came in a velveteen box but again has a cardboard sleeve with a sticker. This time it is a bigger sticker with a picture of the shield on. DW AMC 03. I used the picture I took without a flash so the colours stand out more.


In May 2009 the tradition of the Glorious 25th continued with DW PRTR 02. Again this one is presented in a plastic bag with a cardboard insert rather than a box. The insert for this one is a lot bigger and more detailed. This time it has the revolutionary cries of the citizens. Truth, justice, freedom, reasonably priced love and a hard boiled egg!! The cardboard insert shows how the piece was developed from a pencil sketch. Again the names are listed with a picture of City crest from the year before. This is a lovely bronzey colour with enamelled lilac and the hard boiled egg.


In July 2009 Captain Carrot was released. This is just a bronzed figure of someone in armour holding a flag. I'm not fond of this one as I don't think it particularly looks like Carrot, it could really be any soldier or guard. This is presented in a velveteen box with a cardboard sleeve with sticker. The number is DW CWC 02.



In August 2009 Lord Vetinari XXV came out. This is another favourite, well, top five because I fall in love with them when I see them and then when I see the next one I fall in love with that one too! This one is smaller again, more like the originals. This is another one in 2 parts. there is a silver toned Vetinari portrait on a gold coloured background ringed with deep red enamel and XXV marked on it. This one is presented in a small plastic box and the number is DW DP 01 01.


At this point a backlog developed. Up until now the badges had sold out pretty quickly but it would seem that not all collectors could keep up with the rapid pace they were being released (the badges usually cost £20-£30 and often came out at the rate of one a month). Instead of the editions completely selling out each time they were starting to hang around. No badges were released for several months.


Badges 2008

This entry is a little different. It is not about Clarecraft items. It is about the series of pin badges that were released a few years ago by Sgt Brailles Charity Pin Emporium via PJSM designs. This entry owes a great deal to the kindness of Sandra Kidby who put together a list with the dates of release for me as I couldn't remember. There are quite a lot of pins and it would have ended up being a massive blog piece so I have separated them into years to break it down a bit. The pins were produced in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

If there are mottos on the pins I will translate except ones that are already well known or have been mentioned in this blog before. These pins were not easy to photograph due to the detail involved, the colours and the shine. I took one picture of each with and without flash and tried to pick the best.


In February 2008 the first 2 pins were released. They were released without much fanfare and only a hundred of each pin were made. It was clear that it was envisaged that there would be a whole series of pins and if you managed to get hold of the one of the first hundred you would get a collector number and be able to purchase the others of that number on first refusal. The problem with this was the pins were released at 1200 midday on a weekday. All 100 were released at the same time and they all sold out very quickly which meant that if you were at work or unable to get to a computer at that time you had no chance of getting a pin. This was recognised and the makers, realising how many people had been disappointed agreed to make a second edition. This edition would be released in 2 batches. 50 at midday and 50 in the evening to allow people a chance to get hold of them. In future there would be more made of each pin. I was one of those who missed out on the first set but I luckily managed to sneak in at the last knockings of the evening batch!!

The badges were put into various sets indicated by the edition number of each badge. Eg the badges with AM in the number are part of the Ankh Morpork set,those with PRTR are part of the Peoples Revolution of Treacle Mine Road set.

The first 2 pins in the series are the Guild of Assassins 1” and the City Watch 1”. These cost £19.99 each so not cheap but achievable. They were small but nicely detailed and enamelled. They were clearly good quality items. The CW one is plain copper coured metal. The assassins one has a touch of deep puple enamel behind the skull and 2 red gems either side with 2 smaller ones on the dagger at the top. Would be nice to wear it on a coat but I've always been too scared to. It's not so much the monetary cost that I am worried about but I have a full set and couldn't bear to be missing one!!

I have taken photo of the back of the City Watch one. You can clearly see it says DW-CW-02 (Discworld City Watch set). The Assassins number is DW AG 02.

The 02 indicates that mine is part of the second edition. These are the only 2 pins that have this second edition indicator. All other pins were produced as one larger edition. These badges were displayed in small plastic boxes with clear lids. I did think about putting in something to show the scale of the pins but I didn't in the end. The first 2 are quite small and plainly packaged compared to some of the ones that came after.



In April 2008 came the Death XXV pin. Made to mark the 25th anniversary of Deaths appearance in the canon. This one is stunning and really confirmed that this collection would be something quite special. It has 2 blue jewels for the eyes. The face, hands and edges of cloak are highly polished. The cloak detail is a darker grey and the central inset is brighter silver colour. The centre has a background of a gorgeous deep purple enamel with the legend NVLLA IVSTITIA EST EGO SOLVM EST inset in it. There is a small XXV at the bottom. Deaths motto THERE IS NO JUSTICE, THERE IS ONLY ME. The engraving on the back gives the pin number, there is no edition number this time as there was just one edition of 200. The format of the number is otherwise similar DW-DEATH-01-01. Also engraved on the back is '25th Anniversary Edition'. This pin is presented in a black velveteen case with a black card background and a black silky insert in the top. There are no other markings on the box.


In May 2008 a tradition of releasing a badge for the Glorious Revolution of Treacle Mine Road began. The story came up in Nightwatch when Sam Vimes gets transported back in time. He 'becomes' his first Sergeant, John Keel. Keel is the man who taught young Sam Vimes to be a good copper. Keel is killed, along with several others during the revolution. The lilac was in bloom and officers involved wear the lilac on 25th May to remember.

I feel I should treat these together as they are a lovely little set but I will stick to date order.

The first one came attached to an illustrated piece of card. On one side it has Sergeant At Arms John Keel and on the other a picture of a headstone with the AM crest at the top and the names of the fallen underneath. The stone bears the legend 'They did the job in front of them'. This phrase resonates with me on a massively personal level. The roundworld police force regularly loses members, to car crashes, whether on duty or on the way home after a ridicoulously long shift, to people who wish to harm us or simply because something goes wrong. I have been involved in dangerous situations and I have never gone into them thinking this is the brave thing to do, or the heroic thing, or even because I thought it was the right thing to do. Often there is no time to think at all. And although I would like to say with hindsight that I went in with some sort of noble purpose, most of time I acted instinctively and I did the job that was in front of me. It's not really something that most people would understand and I probably haven't explained myself well but with that one phrase I felt that Terry understood a lot of what being a 'copper' really is. It is probably why I love the City Watch so much.

The actual badge is quite small and is on a real piece of lilac coloured ribbon with a silver coloured lilac bloom with a copper coloured CW badge over the front bearing badge number 354 (the badge number of Keel). There are green leaves poking out from under the badge but they are pale and in fact I didn't even notice until they showed up very strongly on the photo. This badge is numbered DW-PRTR-01-01. This badge did not come in a box at all, it was presented on card inside a clear bag. I actually managed to remove it from the bag to take the photo. This is a first for this blog :-).


In June 2008 the Sam Vimes Badge was released. This is a replica of Vimes badge. This badge is very plain compared to some of the others. This is a copper coloured shield. It's nicely detailed and made. It is quite heavy and chunky. The number is DW-CWC-01-01. The box is similar to the Deaths anniversary box.



In July 2008 came the Going Postal badge. This one is on a similar scale to the first two. This is the first time I've got these pins out and properly looked at the back. This one has a lovely little going postal sign on the back. This pin was an edition of 210, I'm not sure why. This badge shows the crest of the Post Office with 2 copper coloured horns/bugles coming out at the sides . This is number DW-AMPO-01. This one was presented in a similar plastic case to the original two pins.


In August 2008 came the Ankh Morpork City Crest. This one was very expensive but amazingly detailed. To celebrate 25 years of Discworld this masterpiece was created. This was an edition of 250. This one was particularly expensive due to the size and detail. I'm not sure of the exact price of most of the pins, I think this one was around £49.99 but I may be mistaken. A truly incredible amount of work has gone into it. It is quite large but it is the detail which sets it apart. It has green enamel ribbons at the top. The crest of the UU has a red enamel hat and blue enamel background. They are tiny areas to have to enamel. Even the tiny book in the crest has the words of the UU motto raised on it clearly. There is red enamel for the curtains, dark green for the grass and plale blue for water. The hippos are detailed and chunky in silver coloured metal with gold detailing around their necks. The hippos have the AM shield between them. The hippos and shield are made in a separate piece that is then placed on the background badge. this is a technique that they have used to good effect throughout the series but this is the first time it was used. The number of this was DW-AMC-01. This one comes in black velveteen box. It has a small cardboard insert stuck in the lid. This insert explains the badge and each one is hand signed on the inside by Terry. This badge was an edition of 250.


There were no more pins produced in 2008. It did become quite hard to keep on top of them as sometimes they were coming at the rate of one a month but not always and although there was a notice to say what ones were coming soon there was no indication of when they might be released. This made it hard if you were on a budget as some were expensive and usually the money had to be found at quite short notice. Luckily I am in the fortunate position of being able to afford the pins but there were times when it was quite tight and I was worried I might miss an edition. I do seem to have quite an obsessive streak though and I was determined that I would have all the pins in my collectors number by hook or by crook.


Forthcoming entries

I have finally just posted the last section of the Witches pieces. It just seemed to take ages and ages to research so it's ended up not being as detailed as some.


I spent the first half of this month in Las Vegas getting married and since coming home I have been decorating the house so haven't had chance to do much. However, a couple of months ago I put a lot of work into writing about the series of pin badges produced by Sgt Braille and sold by PJSM prints. I know these are nothing to do with Clarecraft but they are 'discanalia' and I like mine so I thought I would write about them. I didn't want to interrupt the witches though so now I have finished that I can post the badge ones. I need to have a hard think about what to tackle next. Any requests just let me know.

Witch (ish)!! All those thing loosely related to the Witches

This last section covers the last few characters loosely associated with the witches and the buildings and artifacts associated apwith the witches. To keep it neat I will tackle the characters first, in number order and then the buildings and artifacts in number order.


Casanunda - DW62

Casanunda is drawn to Nanny Ogg, possibly as they are quite similar. Most dwarves are not romantic but Casanunda is a ladies man.

He was sculpted by Joe Pattison and introduced in February 1996. He was retired in February 2002. His RRP throughout was £27.50. 874 were sold. He has reached around £60.

The quote is from Witches Abroad "My name's Casanunda, he said. I'm reputed to be the world's greatest lover. What do you think?"


Scraps - DW103

Scraps is a little dog who was 'put together' by the de Magpyr Igor. He appears in Carpe Jugulum hence his inclusion here. He has 2 tails so should be a very happy little chap. He is a friendly little beast and loves to slobber.

He was introduced in 1998. I dont know how many were sold as he was available until closure.

Hodgesaargh - DW107

Hodgesaargh is the falconer at Lancre Castle. His name is actually Hodges but is often attacked by his birds whilst speaking to people and hence the misunderstanding arose!

This is another figurine which is physically based on a real life person (the Patrician is unmistakably Stephen Briggs). This piece is based on Dave Hodges who was a regular at the Discworld Events.

This piece was sculpted by Joe Pattison and introduced in August 1999. It retired in February 2002 and the RRP throughout was £24.95. It was only released for a short time but still sold 850 pieces.


Shawn Ogg - DW136

Shawn is Nanny Oggs youngest son. He works at Lancre Castle as a guard but he does practically everything else too! He empties privies, delivers mail and hels out the other staff. He has military aspirations and invented the Lancre Army Knife. The figurine shows him with various implements relating to his work inlcuding his mailbag and privy bucket!

He was sculpted by Joe Pattison and was available until closure. He was a relatively expensive piece, around £60 if I recall correctly. They do come up on ebay though. The shovel is detachable so in the future there may be an issue with these getting lost or broken.

The quote is from Carpe Jugulum

"Lancre's standing army was lurking by a pillar, probably in the hope that no one would see him in his footman's powdered wig, which had been made for a much bigger footman."

Pewsey Ogg - DW137

Pewsey is Nanny Oggs grandson and the stickiest child in the world! The figure shows him in a vest. I do not have this piece and I don't know much about it. Sadly, it never appealed to me.

Igor - DW140

Igors have become a staple of the series. Initially a servant to a modern family of vampires it later becomes clear that an Igor is part of a clan. This also includes Igorinas who are usually very beautiful. Igors now perform a medical role for the City Watch and there is also an Igor at the Royal Mint! The Igor modelled by Clarecraft is based on the original Igor.

This was sculpted by Mark Ayling and shows his distinctive style.


Tiffany Aching - DW160

Tiffany appears in a series of four books. The Wee Free Men, A Hatful of Sky, Wintersmith and I Shall Wear Midnight. These are classed as Young Adult books but I have read them and enjoyed them. When we first meet her she is 9 years old and by the last book she is almost 16. In the first book she uses a frying pan to fight off a monster after her small brother Wentworth and this is the pose she appears in here. I picked up my Tiffany from a fellow collector at the last Discworld Event. There is a set of in scale Feegles that go with her but I do not have any of these. My one features a resin frying pan but as with other pieces it is possible that later on they had pewter frying pans.



Buildings and Artifacts

Potion Bottles

The first artifacts are 'Witchish' but only one of the set is related to the Lancre Witches we know and love. They are a set of 3 potion bottles. All of these bottles were sculpted by Bernard and were introduced in February 1991 with an RRP of £5.05. They were retired in November 1998 with an RRP of £6.50. They have all reached in the region of £30 since. They often come up without boxes or tent cards so I would suggest that the more expensive ones are intact with box. They come up fairly often and I would expect to pay £10-£15 on them.

I only have the Granny Weatherwax one. They are another thing I never seem to get round to getting! I have put a picture of DW20 on. The others, in comparison are taller and thinner and have a modelled cork in the top. They are nice looking little pieces. There are no variations on these pieces. They were available in petwer and bronze finishes but there are no recorded sales in either of these finishes. This is presumably because the painted ones were cheap enough to be achievable.

These were introduced along with DW21, The Tankard from the Mended Drum at Terrys request as he wanted something a bit lower in price to ensure that all his fans had a chance of owning something.

Malefico's Inheritance Accelerator - DW18

This is a wizard preparation rather than a witchy one but I decided to keepthe three together.

'A dead certainty for those who wate, but one drop and they do also'

Hilta Goatfounders Diabolica for Men - DW19

Hilta Goatfounder is the village witch for Ohulan Cutash. With her 'Pennyroyal Preventatives' she provides a valuable service to her village!

'To grow again the Hair rub in. To induce the parts to perform rub on'

Granny Weatherwax's "Ramtop Invigoratore and Passion Philtre" - DW20

Granny goes in for a lot of 'headology' and to me this bottle looks very 'myffic'. The other two are quite plain bottles whereas this one has dribbly wax at the top and instructions on the sides etc. I think this owes a lot Grannys character and is another example of Clarecraft understanding the characters. It would be just like Granny to offer a placebo knowing that as long as she puts it in a mystical enough bottle it is likely to work. This bottle probably contains sugar water!

The legend on the tent card is "Onne Spoonful onlie before bed and that smalle"



Granny Weatherwax's Cottage - DW46 & DW46W

This is a flat back piece rather than the more usual 3D ones. It shows Grannys Cottage complete with privy and windsock. Three similar pieces were released together, the other two are the Mended Drum and the Bridge over the Ankh. I will cover the other two in the City section.

This piece was available in a painted finish and a wooden finish. The painted finish was available until closure so I have no figures for that. The wooden finish was retired because again people preferred to go for the more expensive painted item.

This was sculpted by Bernard and introduced in February 1995. The wooden finish was retired in February 2002 and a total of 176 had been sold. The RRP was £19.95 throughout its availability. I've mislaid my catalogues so I need to guess at the RRP for the painted. I think it would be somewhere in the region of £39.95.

I have a painted version so have attached a piccie. It is a pretty piece, lots of lovely detail. Mine sits on a shelf against a wall. It is one of the few pieces out on display, mainly because it's a little bit harder to knock over!

The quote is from Wyrd Sisters - "Most witches preferred to live in isolated cottages with the traditional curly chimneys and weed-grown thatch. Granny Weatherwax approved of this: it was no good being a witch unless you let people know."

Nannys Sexual Object - DW56

This is another piece that was a lower price point and easier to afford. It is a vaguely female shaped form on a black cord. It is a nice tactile piece amd I distinctly remember getting mine. The only stockist near me was a jewellery shop in the local shopping centre. I remember going in after work one day and just going a bit mad and buying about 5 pieces. It must have been a really bad day at work. I remember getting this and You Bastard but I'm not sure which others I got. It was the only time I ever went and recklessly bought what I wanted. It was a lot of fun :-).

I don't have the tent card for this piece which is unusual as I bought it from a shop. It is possible though that it has been mislaid or is still even in the box. I wasn't always as careful with them as I should have been.

This piece was still available at closure so I have no numbers sold.


Mrs Gogols House - DW67

Mrs Gogol is a witch they encounter in Witches Abroad. She has what seems to be creole or haitian leanings. The cottage is a small cobbled together looking thing. What isn't mentioned in the tent card quote is that the cottage can get up and walk on a pair of duck feet. The Clarecraft version shows the duck feet. It's a nice little piece. I do have one but I'm not sure where it is.

The quote is from Witches Abroad - "Mrs Gogol's house itself looked a simple affair of driftwood from the river, roofed with moss and built out over the swamp itself on four stout poles."


Lancre Stamp - DW89

This is a really nice affordable little piece. It was modelled on an actual potato. Elton went through a whole sack until he found one that was just right. It fits into the hand really nicely. It has a rubber stamp on the bottom featuring a duck and is very rustic :-).

This was still available at closure so I have no numbers sold.

The quote is from Carpe Jugulum

"'whatt'th thith?' Igor demanded.


'Thith....thtupid mark!'

'Well, the potato wasn't big enough for the official seal and I don't know what a seal looks like in any case but I reckon dat's a good carvin' of a duck I done there..' said the troll cheerfully.





Friday 12 April 2013

A digression!

I have been messing about with the final section of the witches for ages. Unfortunately I'm having trouble getting the information I need as I don't have all the pieces I am writing about. It is nearly there though and should be ready in the next few days.


In the meantime I have been playing with the the Ankh-Morpork app!! I initially didn't really understand what it was. I knew it was a map but I thought to myself, well! I've got a map upstairs so I didn't bother looking into it. The other night my other half downloaded it for me and it is incredible!! It is so detailed and there is loads to see. It is made even better with achievements based on you having a good look round. I can highly recommend it. It is expensive for an app but I have had a good couple of hours entertainment so far and I'm not close to doing it all yet.