Wednesday 29 May 2013

Badges 2010

In February 2010 the Seamstress Guild shield was released. This has a pewter coloured scroll with the famous motto on it. It has black enamel with a deep red enamel outlining the shape of a heart, it has a red enamel and gold coloured lantern with silver needles and gold detailing. This came in a velveteen box with a cardboard sleeve with a sticker showing a picture of the shield. It has the PJSM logo imprinted on the back which is a nice touch. The number is DW AMC 04.


In March 2010 the Thieves Guild shield was released. This and the other shields were all a similar size, a bit bigger than the one inch originals. This one came in a larger velveteen box with Sgt Brailles Pin Emporium printed in gold on cardboard in the lid. This came in a proper cardboard box, rather than a sleeve with a large sticker on the front with a picture, the description and the logo. The boxes were becoming even more extravagant. Although this undoubtedly makes the pieces feel like they have more value it also inevitably pushed up costs. This one features black and white stripey enamel with a gold coloured cut purse with coins falling out. It has a pewter effect scroll with the motto on at the bottom. The simplicity and colours in this piece make it very effective. The number is DW AMC 05.



In April 2010 the Fools Guild Shield was released. This one is exactly the same format as the Thieves Guild one. This includes the box and sleeve. This one is just the top part of the previous Fools Guild badge. It has black, white and blue enamel with polished gold bells. The red part at the top is enamel rather than a jewel with this one. The motto is again on a pewter scroll round the bottom. This one is nice enough but a bit plain. The previous one was nicer. The number is DW AMC 06.


In May 2010 the final Glorious Revolution pin was produced. This box is the same as the Fools Guild one rather than being in a bag. This badge is quite large. It has blue and red enamelled lanterns, green leaves and lilac enamel around a central City Watch badge with Keels number on it. DW PRTR 03.



In June 2010 The Last Hero pin was issued. This is the only one to be presented in a small black drawstring pouch. it has a gold coloured Great A'tuin with a dagger through it with 'The Last Hero' written on it. This one isn't one of my favourites but it is probably the one I would be most likely to wear as it is quite striking. The number is DW LASTHERO 01.


In July 2010 The Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons pin was released. This one came in a velveteen box with white fabric in the lid with the logo printed in gold. It also came in a cardboard box with a small sticker on. I must admit to really loving this one. It is again in 2 parts. It has a beautifully made and detailed portrait of a swamp dragon (draco vulgaris), presumably Errol, he even has a little collar with a tag round his neck. This portrait is in a silver metal and is on an octagon shaped background with a coppery colour border with Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons printed on it in black. The octagon is filled with orange and white enamel with the motto 'Don't let my flame go out' and a small plaque on the bottom with R Devant Molei Proprieter. The number is DW SSSD.



In July 2010 the Discworld Cup pin was released. this was a kind of bonus one, I think to tie in with the football world cup. It has 2 pins on the back because it is quite a tall pin. it has a green enamel base holding a trophy with the Discworld on top. this came in the same box as the Sunshine Sanctuary one although the backing of this one has a little stand that can be folded out. The number of this is DWC.


In November 2010 the Guild of Alchemists pin was released. This was in a velveteen box in a cardboard box but there is no sticker, it just has the number written on in biro. This one is again quite plain but has lovely deep red and blue enamel on it. It has the motto on a scroll on the bottom again. The number is DW AMC 07.



After a lull the City Watch 1.5" pin was released in March 2011. This is just the same badge as the original, only bigger (the first one was 1"). I prefer the smaller one for some reason. It is quite similar to the ones that CMOT Briggs used to sell that are now available through PJSM. The CMOT ones have a normal badge backing rather than a pin so it is easy to tell the difference. It has the same box as the Alchemists Guild pin. I always felt that a bigger version was slightly unnecessary but it is more in scale with the later pieces than the 1" version was.

In July 2011 the Guild of Assassins 1.5” pin was released. This again is the same pin as the original, just bigger. This has the same box as the City Watch badge but the insert is white, not black. I have photographed it on a black backing as I think it looks better. I nave also taken a photograph of the 1" pin and the 1.5" pin together to show the difference in size. There are no numbers on either the larger City Watch or Assassin badge.



There were also 2 keyrings produced. I'm not exactly sure about the release date on these but I seem to think they were released around the same time as the Discworld Cup pin. These were priced a bit lower at about £10 but more achievable. Unfortunately they were both released together along with a couple of pins so I remember having quite a struggle to be able to get these. They were on general release so anyone could buy them, but you could get your collectors number put on them which clearly, I did. The keyrings were basic leather fobs with a metal circle on them. One featured the Mission Patch which is exactly the same as the pin and the other featured a scene of the god Blind Io. This one is in gold and black and has a very ancient greek feel. I wish I could use these are they are both very nice. They are still available on PJSM now and I'm tempted to get the Mission Patch one for my husband as he really likes that one. The Mission patch one is photographed out of the bag but still has the protective plastic on.


There is still a backlog of pins available from PJSM. The early ones have sold out but some of the later ones are still available. No more have been produced, probably because of the backlog, which is a real shame as on the whole these are beautifully made, quality items. I was lucky enough to be able to keep up the collection but I can imagine that some people were unable to keep up. Especially as the series went on and they got larger and more elaborately packaged obviously costs went up. Some people may have preferred no outer boxes (all my cardboard ones seem to be a bit battered) or even the original small clear plastic boxes or bags to keep costs down. Some of the pins are spectacularly detailed so the high costs were clear but with some of the more plain ones it seemed that it was mainly the packaging pushing costs up. I would have been happy with more basic packaging especially if it meant they could have continued to produce them as I do think these are lovely pieces and would love to have more.



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  1. It might be asking a lot, but do you think you could post or send a a resolution picture of either assassins guild pins next to a ruler. I wasn't fortunate enough to grab one of them while they were for sale, and I've not yet seen one for resale since.