Wednesday 29 May 2013

Badges 2009

In January 2009 came the Guild of Assassins Shield, distinct from the original crest this shows the shield of the guild. This has the cloak and dagger with nice gold detailing on the dagger on a deep red enamel background. The double cross is picked out in gold on a black background. The diagonal stripe is a lovely deep shade of purple. The number is DW AMC 02 01. This one is in a velveteen box but rather than being pinned to a card insert there is a moulded plastic back that the pin sits in. This is the only one that sits in its backing like this.


In February 2009 the Mission Patch was released. This is a favourite of my husbands. It is highly detailed and shows a little rocket orbiting Great A'tuin with tiny stars on a dark sky. This pin is quite small and is in scale with the originals again and presented in a plastic box. DW GA 01 01. Motto Morituri Nolumus Mori (we who are about to die, don't want to). This one was also produced as a keyring and I really wanted to present one to my husband, unfortunately it is engraved with my collectors number so is part of my collection so obviously cannot be allowed to leave the house!!



In March 2009 came the Vetinari Coat of Arms. Again this one is gorgeous. The number is DW RCH 01. This was in a velveteen box but also featured a cardboard sleeve with a small plain rectangular sticker with the code and number on. This is an edition of 200. I love this one. Its another one where they use the technique of putting two separate pieces on top of each other. There isa gold coloured back piece with white and purple enamel detailing. Then there is a silver coloured top piece with a central portion of black enamel. Vetinaris shield is black on black. There is a small purple jewel in the top of the dagger at the top. The dagger indicates that Vetinari was an assassin. This is a heavy piece. The motto is Si Non Confectus Non Recifiat (if it ain't broke, don't fix it).



In April 2009 came the Fools Guild Crest. However this one is not simply the shield. It is again in two parts. The shield is one part on top of a silver and rose gold coloured base of 2 dogs dressed as clowns. The dogs have gold detailing and little red gems on the hats. There is a large red gem in the top of shield which is enamelled in black, blue and white with polished gold bells. This came in a velveteen box but again has a cardboard sleeve with a sticker. This time it is a bigger sticker with a picture of the shield on. DW AMC 03. I used the picture I took without a flash so the colours stand out more.


In May 2009 the tradition of the Glorious 25th continued with DW PRTR 02. Again this one is presented in a plastic bag with a cardboard insert rather than a box. The insert for this one is a lot bigger and more detailed. This time it has the revolutionary cries of the citizens. Truth, justice, freedom, reasonably priced love and a hard boiled egg!! The cardboard insert shows how the piece was developed from a pencil sketch. Again the names are listed with a picture of City crest from the year before. This is a lovely bronzey colour with enamelled lilac and the hard boiled egg.


In July 2009 Captain Carrot was released. This is just a bronzed figure of someone in armour holding a flag. I'm not fond of this one as I don't think it particularly looks like Carrot, it could really be any soldier or guard. This is presented in a velveteen box with a cardboard sleeve with sticker. The number is DW CWC 02.



In August 2009 Lord Vetinari XXV came out. This is another favourite, well, top five because I fall in love with them when I see them and then when I see the next one I fall in love with that one too! This one is smaller again, more like the originals. This is another one in 2 parts. there is a silver toned Vetinari portrait on a gold coloured background ringed with deep red enamel and XXV marked on it. This one is presented in a small plastic box and the number is DW DP 01 01.


At this point a backlog developed. Up until now the badges had sold out pretty quickly but it would seem that not all collectors could keep up with the rapid pace they were being released (the badges usually cost £20-£30 and often came out at the rate of one a month). Instead of the editions completely selling out each time they were starting to hang around. No badges were released for several months.


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