Wednesday 29 May 2013

Forthcoming entries

I have finally just posted the last section of the Witches pieces. It just seemed to take ages and ages to research so it's ended up not being as detailed as some.


I spent the first half of this month in Las Vegas getting married and since coming home I have been decorating the house so haven't had chance to do much. However, a couple of months ago I put a lot of work into writing about the series of pin badges produced by Sgt Braille and sold by PJSM prints. I know these are nothing to do with Clarecraft but they are 'discanalia' and I like mine so I thought I would write about them. I didn't want to interrupt the witches though so now I have finished that I can post the badge ones. I need to have a hard think about what to tackle next. Any requests just let me know.

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