Tuesday 22 March 2011


It is my intention in these pages to create a record for any collector of the Clarecraft Discworld series of figurines.  From looking about on the internet I can see that since the demise of Clarecraft in 2005 there is a lack of information about pieces in general.  Someone discovering the figurines for the first time could potentially have a real problem satisfying the intense curiosity in knowing everything about a new interest!  These pages are only about the Discworld series that Clarecraft produced.  They did make other ranges however, I know nothing about them, as lovely as they were, I had to concentrate on something for fear of becoming a serial collector.  I will assume that any person locating these pages will have an interest in Discworld and the characters to start with so there will be no need for me to extensively explain the characters and their histories and interactions.  This is not the Discworld Companion! If there are characters here that are unfamiliar then grab a copy of the companion and achieve enlightenment :D

I have never written anything before, I have no flair for it, there is nothing else I know enough about to write down.  This is a labour of love, written for my own pleasure, for me to revel in my knowledge.  I know no other collectors, there is no-one I can boast to, or proudly show my collection to, or offer advice to.  I write this so that there will be a resource, somewhere with information on Discworld collectables.  I offer it as a place for other collectors to boast of their collections.  If you have a rare piece, tell me, take a picture and show me, let me be jealous (especially if you have the bridges, the heads fell off mine :)).  I don’t profess to know everything about these figurines, if I get it wrong or you have more detail, tell me.  If there is a particular piece you want to ask about, do it.  I may not know everything about it but I’ll know something!  I want to share my love of Pratchett and Clarecraft and for others to do the same.

I will try and make the information as accurate as I can but as with Clarecraft themselves I am sure I will make ‘Cock Ups’. (more about those later!).  I intend to try and give basic information about each piece sold including when it was made, rough numbers sold and prices.  Some of this information will come from the collectors guide produced by Clarecraft themselves or their newsletters produced at regular intervals with news on pieces but information on prices etc is more likely to come from my own personal database of Discworld pieces. I will also shamelessly garner facts from all corners of the internet and my brain and throw them in here somewhere.

As well as Clarecraft items I am sure I will go off at a tangent onto some of my other pieces (including items by Paul Kidby, Mark Ayling and Bernard Pearson).  I have artwork, books and other, various Discworld ephemera.  I have a love of all things ‘Discish’ and have a varied collection.  Also as a collector I am fascinated by my collection and delight in sharing it with others.  This may mean that I sometimes go off at a tangent but I hope that the information helps people enough that they sit through the rest of it


  1. Hi, I have a discworld clarecraft photo frame that I believe was used by every shop that carried Clarecraft. I was sold it by a shop that was discontinuing all their clarecraft. Any ideas whether it is worth anything? I've never seen it on ebay so thought that you might have information on its availability. I also have Death on a motorbike (slightly damaged due to my youngest knocking the unit over), the librarian bookend and 'he fell asleep for a hundred years', another piece I have no idea about the value of!I am considering selling all of these and could use some advice as to where is best. Thank you in advance. Rachel Beatty

  2. Hiya Rachel
    There is information on your photo frame on the Point of Sale Pieces post, the bookend is covered under the Bookends post and Death is under Big Pieces. The fell asleep one is not Discworld but Clarecraft did do lots of other ranges. If you google Pratchett forums you can offer them for sale on those but ebay is the more common route. Prices can be very hard to predict but I may have given recent or top prices from ebay on the posts. Hope this helps