Wednesday 23 March 2011

The Events

The Event Pieces were designed for the Discworld Events held once every 2 years (generally) starting in 1995.  The Events were timed to alternate with the Discworld Convention. Each Event was based loosely around one of the books and took place over a weekend in the summer.  The first event was held at the factory in Woolpit but as word spread and the event grew they were held on a nearby farm.  People attending had the option to camp on site and there were various barns selling Discworld merchandise, food, drink and of course the infamous Paint Your Own section.  At Paint Your Own you bought ‘whites’ of various pieces.  Then you went and sat around a table with lots of other people where there were paints and painting guides.  The actual Clarecraft painters were generally wandering around and were generous with help and advice.    Once you had painted your piece you could go and have a small, PYO pewter trademark added to it to complete it.  The whole thing was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and then you emerged, blinking in the sunlight, to go and find the bar (I have a feeling that PYO and the bar are the most memorable parts of the events for many people :D).

Terry would do book signing sessions.  There would be times posted but again, Terry was very generous with his time and would often spend double the allotted amount of time signing and talking.  Everyone was happy and friendly and the whole thing was very relaxed.  If you had a penchant for dressing up you could indulge yourself and there was even a prize for the best decorated tent.

Event Pieces are easily spotted as they have an E in their number, however not all pieces with E in their number are strictly Event pieces.  As well as the actual Event there were ‘shop open days’ throughout the year when Clarecraft would visit a stockist for a day.  Special pieces were made that were only sold at these open days, as a thank you for people who went along (more on these later).

I will try and give the top price that the pieces have gone for however there was a peak time a few years ago when pieces sold for substantially more than they are likely to achieve again anytime soon.  The prices are an example of the top price paid and are not the value of the pieces.  Value is subjective.  To me, some of my pieces are priceless, I would never part with them and the top price paid in no way reflects their value to me.  All it takes is for someone to get carried away on eBay and a piece gets given a top price that distorts it’s general sale price.  I don’t really like mentioning prices as they change all the time and it’s hard to put a value on things.  The best way to get a feel for how much a particular piece is worth is by watching eBay.  However I understand that some people may be curious so have included top prices where I have them.

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