Tuesday 25 October 2011

Point of Sale Pieces

Point of sale pieces (POS) are those items which are made for stores stocking items by a manufacturer to display and tempt potential customers.  There are several Discworld POS pieces by Clarecraft.  Most of these they made available to the public to buy due to demand from Collectors.  Designed to catch customers eyes these are usually beautifully made pieces so it’s not surprising people wanted to own them!

Discworld POS Arch

I loved this piece and for a long time it was the one piece I was desperate to get my hands on.  I love the design of it and it takes pride of place on one of my living room shelves!!  This piece was a genuine POS piece that could only be obtained from Clarecraft by a stockist.  These were never released on general sale and so dont have an issue number.  It is generally just referred to as the Discworld Arch.  It is a small archway, marked with bricks.  It has the original Double C logo at the top and ‘Terry Pratchetts Discworld’ written on it.  It is lovely, I really, really like this piece!!
This piece does come up on eBay occasionally although not often.  At one point a few seemed to come up together but I havent seen one for a while.  They mainly seem to get between £50-£80 so not rocket money but it is one of the pieces I will probably never part with.  There is no Discworld trademark stamp, painters mark or sculpters mark on this piece consistant with the fact that it was never intended for general realease.  This was produced in 1991-1992 and it is not recorded how many were made.

From Out of the Page DW95P

From out of the page is a detailed, colourful piece.  It shows an open book with the Clarecraft Discworld logo surrounded by characters from the books.  It is a particularly lovely piece.  This piece was given an edition number and was made available for general sale, both from Clarecraft directly and from most stockists.  I got mine from a local stockist on a layaway scheme.  I really loved the piece but with an RRP of £64.99 I couldn’t pay for it in one go.  I was so pleased when I finally got hold of it!
This was sculpted by Leigh and was introduced in February 1995.  It was still available on closure.  I have no numbers sold.  They generally make around £60-£100 but one recently sold for more than £200.  I think that is more a case of someone really wanting it than any reflection on its regular price paid.  

POS Picture Frame  DW98P

This was another POS item that ended up being made for general release.  It is a grey and black picture frame. It has Great A’Tuin at the top and shelves of books and lifetimers down the sides.  This is a lovely piece but the support on the back is the same as a normal picture frame one, unfortunately as the frame is quite heavy but at the same time fragile the stand doesn’t seem enough to support it.  

This piece was designed to be displayed in shops with cards inside indicating which pieces were due to retire soon.  This was designed by Joe Pattison and introduced in September 1998.  The piece was released on general sale but due to an oversight it was omitted from price lists up until 2003, this meant that few people up until that point knew about it.  The piece was available until closure and there are no numbers sold.  The RRP for the piece was £34.99.  I have 2 of these and I can't quite remember how I managed that! I don't tend to buy duplicates so can only suppose I got one as a gift!

Cardboard Surround

This is a cardboard stand.  It is dark blue with a picture of Terry on the front and then pictures of the Death and Rincewind bookends on the sides.  This is obviously not a figurine but I feel it should fit in here as it is Clarecraft promotional material for their Discworld range.  These usually go for a few pounds on eBay and come up fairly regularly.  I don’t have any other details on these.

Point of Sale for Discworld Candles

This is not strictly Clarecraft.  It is a POS for Discworld Candles.  Made by Bernard who also was the founder of Clarecraft, there were 12 candles produced altogether (I think).  I have a couple of the candles that I have picked up very cheaply on eBay but they are not something I collect.  At one of the Clarecraft events I went to, I was browsing the stalls when I found a small wax POS.  It was labelled Discworld and on the back it has ‘Discworld Candles by Waxworks, Bernard and Isobel Pearson’.  I picked this up for a few pounds as I quite like tactile things and this is very nice to hold and touch (although it isn't the most attractive colour!).  I have not seen another one since so have no idea how many were made or how much they should sell for!

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