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Collectors Edition 2002 - 2004

Collectors Edition 2002 - DWC139 “I Ate’nt Dead"

Introduced July 2002 - Retired August 2003. This piece was sculpted by Richard Banks and depicts Granny Weatherwax in her borrowing state. Granny is a talented borrower of the bodies of other animals and birds (and even insects) and has been known to go borrowing for days at a time. Unfortunately, while her mind is off borrowing her body is left looking slightly lifeless on her bed. After giving people a few frights Granny made a placard with the legend 'I ATE’NT DEAD' which she places on her chest whilst out borrowing. The quote is from Carpe Jugulum.

‘Nanny had warned her about it but, even so, it was unnerving to turn up at Granny’s cottage and find stiff as a stick and holding, in fingers that were almost blue, a card with the words: I ATE’NT DEAD. It just meant when she was out in the world somewhere, seeing life through the eyes of a badger or a pigeon, riding as an unheeded passenger in its mind.’

Incidentally there is a typo on the tent card for this piece which I just spotted as I was copying the quote off it!!! The piece retailed for £41 but I have been unable to obtain numbers sold. However this piece doesn’t come up much either, collectors who buy these pieces must want to keep hold of them! This is a nice piece with Granny lying on a bed with a lovely colourful bedspread, although its an odd one to display, it can be laid flat or stood up against a wall! (pretty much like a normal bed!)

Collectors Edition 2003 - DWC157 Verence as a Fool

Introduced in July 2003 - Retired 2004

This piece was sculpted by Joe Pattison and is a another lovely collectors piece. In Wyrd Sisters Verence I is the King of Lancre who is murdered at the start of the book. His infant son and heir Tomjon was smuggled away by the witches before the same fate could befall him and raised by a travelling group of actors. Verence II is the half brother of Tomjon. It is accepted that Verence I had an old fashioned approach to ladies in his kingdom and that he is the father of both Tomjon and Verence II. However the witches are convinced that Verence II father managed to woo the queen, this is supported by the fact that he left town hurriedly just after Tomjons birth. Prior to being revealed as the King of Lancre Verence II was the court fool. The quote relates to the fact that he later marries Magrat Garlick

‘“I seen you’ve got a follower,” said Nanny. “Sorry?” said Magrat. “The young fellow with the bells,” said Nanny, “And the face like a spaniel what’s just been kicked.”’

This piece shows Verence II in full red and yellow jester costume complete with his bladder on a stick! Joe has managed to make him look quite thoughtful and far away. This also sold in quite low numbers which is a shame as its such a colourful and expressive little piece. This piece is a particular favourite of mine and I was surprised to find the numbers sold. There are no official figures released due to the closure of clarecraft but just before the piece was retired it was reported that only 289 figures had been sold. Given the large number of pieces normally sold this would make Verence a very rare piece indeed. He retailed at £29.95.

This is the final piece released for sale
Collectors Edition 2004 - DWC159 The Ankh-Morpork Handshake

Introduced July 2004 - Retired August 2005? In 1992 or 1993 Leigh Pamment sculpted a pair of Assassins. This piece was never numbered or released as when the figurine was made up for Terry to approve he didn’t feel it was right. The original piece depicted 2 Assassins (clad in black naturally) skulking through the streets of Ankh Morpork. One had crept up behind the other and was preparing to hit him on the head! However 1 of the Assassins was carrying a hand grenade and carrying a pistol on his belt. As neither of these items had yet appeared in the Discworld canon Terry wasn’t happy with the piece and it was shelved. Trish was convinced she had once seen a photo of the piece but there was no master of the piece to be found. However given the fact that Clarecraft never throw anything away there was a chance that the mould was in the bunker. The bunker was too much of a challenge until Trish found the photo which gave the rough dimensions of the piece. The bunker was searched and eventually a possible mould was located. It was cast and revealed the figurine Trish had described. It was a lovely fun piece and a shame to not use it. The piece was tweaked slightly, the characters were changed from Assassins and one was carrying a candle whilst the other was still clearly intent on hitting him over the head!!! This piece retailed at £51.50 and again, numbers sold are not known. This piece has reached quite far in excess of £100.

This is the original piece by Leigh from the newsletter May 2004

In 2005 Clarecraft held the Monstrous Regiment event. At previous events it had been possible to buy the upcoming members only piece for that year. I attended the event and immediately went to hunt out the members only piece. I spoke to Clarecraft staff who told me that the piece was not ready yet but would be released in due course. I found this very odd as this was very unlike Clarecraft but I didn’t question it. Unfortunately the decision had already been made that Clarecraft was to close and the announcement was made a month later. This closure and the subsequent lack of information available for people new to Terry, Clarecraft or Discworld items in general is of course what led to this blog.


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